Achievements are only available on the app and Steam. They are meant only for gratification, and to motivate people to play. They can only be earned on Solo.

General Edit

  • Conductor Levels 1 through 5 (Complete 20-100-1000-5000-20000 games)
  • Pressure Gauge 80-120-160-200-240 (Win with said amount of points)
  • 3-6-9-12-15 Punched Tickets (Win with that amount of completed tickets, can only be done on USA)

USA Edit

  • Hobo (Win without any completed tickets)
  • Trestle (Win without any 1 or 2 length routes)
  • Handcar (Win without using any locomotives)
  • Transcontinental (Win with a continuous route of 45 trains)
  • Coal Tender (Win while claiming all black routes)
  • Economy Class (Win while never having more than 10 cards in your hand)
  • Poker Player (Claim all the 5 length routes)
  • Old Movies (Claim only gray routes)
  • Railway Tycoon (Win against 4 Vanderbot Jr.s)
  • Dynamite Joe (Win without any of your opponents scoring a ticket)

USA 1910 Edit

Mega Edit

  • Pressure Gauge 300
  • Pressure Gauge 400
  • Modest Entrepreneur (Win without either bonus)
  • First Tracks (Win with all 5 starting tickets and no others)

Big Cities Edit

  • Urban Traveller: (Win while connecting all 7 Big Cities)

Pennsylvania Edit

  • Finger in Every Pie (Win with shares in each company)
  • Three of a Kind (Win with shares from only the Pennsylvania Railroad, Erie Lackawanna Railway, and the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad)
  • Stranger (Win with no Pennsylvania Railroad shares)
  • Early Bird (Win while taking the first share of at least 3 companies)
  • Pennsylvanian Passport (Collect all previous achievements for Pennsylvania)

Europe Edit

Normal Edit

  • Station Rat (Win while using all three stations)
  • Orient Express (Win while connecting London, Paris, Munchen, Wien, Budapest, Bucuresti, and Constantinople)
  • Romanov Train (While while connecting Petrograd, Riga, Wilno, Warszawa, Smolensk, Moskva, Kyiv, Kharkov, Rostov, Sevastopol, and Sochi.
  • National Railways (Win without your Long Destination Ticket)
  • Baltic Explorer (Like Transcontinental (USA), but using the Stockholm-Petrograd tunnel)

Europa Expanded Edit

  • Bow Tie Forbidden (Win without connecting to Zurich, Munchen, Wien, Budapest, Zagrab, or Venezia)
  • The Mole (Win with at least 23 train cars worth of tunnels)

Europa Mega Edit

  • Money for your Mileage (Win with at least 3 tickets worth 10 or more points)
  • In Diagonal we Trust (Win while connecting Cadiz and Petrograd or Edinburgh and Erzurum)

Europa Big Cities Edit

  • Sunny Mediterranean (Win while connecting Cadiz, Barcelona, Marseille, Roma, and Palermo)

Switzerland Edit

  • Alphorn Player (Win without connecting to any country)
  • Chocolate Exporter (Win while connecting all countries)
  • Valley Commuter (Win with no tunnels)
  • Ticket Puncher (Win with the pile of tickets empty)
  • Lake Express (Win while connecting Geneve or Lausanne, Neuchatel, Interlaken, Zurich, Lugano, Locarno, and Kreuzlingen)

Nordic Countries Edit

  • Santa Express (Win with the Murmansk-Lieksa route)
  • Arctic Circle (Win while connecting Narvik, Kiruna, Rovaniemi, Tromso, Kirkenes, Murmansk and Honningsvag
  • The Pole Express (Win while connecting Arhus and Honningsvag in only 24 trains (other routes can be placed too))
  • Land Lines (Win without any ferries)
  • Nordic Passport (Collect all previous achievements for Nordic Countries)

Deutschland Edit

  • Intercities: Win while only completing short Destination Tickets.
  • Das Rheingold: Win while connecting Switzerland, Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Mainz, Dusseldorf and Holland in 15 turns.
  • Berlin Traveller: Win while connecting Berlin to the 5 surrounding countries.
  • Mega Commuter: Win while only completing long Destination Tickets.
  • German Passport (Collect all previous achievements for Deutschland)

Legendary Asia Edit

  • Mountain Hermit (Win with only Mountain routes)
  • Marco Polo (Win while connecting 22 cities)
  • Double Trouble (Win with only double routes)
  • Faster than a Mongolian Horse (Win in 24 turns or less (LESS?!?!?!))
  • Asian Passport (Collect all previous achievements for Legendary Asia)

India Edit

  • Fakir (Win with no Mandalas)
  • Hand of Kali (Win with none of your opponents having completed any Mandalas)
  • Mandala Maharajah (Win with the 5 Mandalas bonus)
  • British Raj Tour (Win while connecting Delhi, Calcutta, Madras and Bombay in a single Mandala)
  • Indian Passport (Collect all previous achievements for India)

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