Alan R. Moon is the board game creator, who made Ticket to Ride. He lives in Syracuse, NY.


Alan R. Moon has worked as a game designer for Avalon Hill, Parker Brothers, and Ravensburger. His first published game was Black Spy (Avalon Hill, 1981), inspired by the classic card game, Hearts. But his first game that got him attention was Airlines, published by the German company Abacus in 1990. He started his own publishing company, White Wind in 1990 and ran it until 1997. He now publishes his games through other companies, such as Ravensburger and Days of Wonder.

Since 2000, Alan has been a full-time freelance game designer, with dozens of games to his credit. Moon has won the Spiel de Jahres award twice, for Elfenland in 1998 and for Ticket to Ride in 2004; Ticket to Ride has won almost two dozen other awards worldwide.

Maps CreatedEdit

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