At the start of the game, each player gets 75 pieces, and must choose what they'll take according to the limits of the map and where their tickets lead them. The draw area has 2 face down piles: one for the ships, and one for the trains. There are 6 face-up cards, and when one takes one, they can choose what they'll replace it with. Wilds can be used for train and ship routes, but you can only find them in the train deck. On the other hand, 3/5s of the ship cards are double ships, which means they count as two cards of that color. Neither deck has blue or orange. The ship routes are the routes with ovals, whereas the train routes are rectangular. Just place the cards down logically.

Boats require a Rails and Sails fitted map, boats pieces, and the proper train and ship cards.

Boats appear in every Rails and Sails map.

Boats and trains that lead to the same place are not double routes.

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