Europa 1912 is a map expansion that requires the Europe base to play. It brings 3 new way to play.
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Components Edit

  • A new, larger, and more extensive deck of tickets. (101 tickets in total)
  • 5 depots in each color.
  • 1 warehouse card for each player

Differences Edit

  • All of the following include depots.

Europa Expanded Edit

Use all the tickets with no logos and the ones with the 1912 logo.

Europa Mega Edit

Use all the tickets. Give 2 Long Distance tickets to each player, of which they can only keep 1.

Big Cities Edit

Use all the tickets with the Big Cities logo on them. Do not distribute Long Distance Tickets.

Trivia Edit

  • This map is set in 1912.
  • The rulebook mentions that the 3 aforementioned variants are only the favorites. Therefore mixing and matching tickets is not necessarily a house-rule. For example, you may choose to only include tickets that have an end city in the USSR.

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