Japan is a custom map created by Luctheminecrafter.


There are three ways to play:

  • Normal: Double-routes are all open, no intentional blocking.
  • Sakuru: Where you play with the Mandala rules. Ignore the mountain routes
  • Jishin: Like normal, but when the card deck runs out, all trains on the board are wiped out. Points are kept, and all trains (even the ones used on mountains) go back in your hand. This version can take a very random amount of time when playing with experienced Ticket to Riders. (From the people who want the game to end, to the people who don't)


  • This is the first map to have a potential high score of infinity.
  • This is the first map to not be written in Roman letters, the Japanese cities are in Hiragana (though the tickets are in Roman)

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