At the start of the game, place one resource on each city. Then, after you chose your tickets, choose a home city, and put the city token there (you can use a depot or a harbor or any other thing.). Also, remove the resource from that city (home cities may not have resources in them). Then, place your engine on the home city. (You can use a passenger or any old thing). Take the deck of resource contracts and place it face up. During the game, you can use a card to move your engine 2 cities, or a locomotive to move 4, but only through track you have built. Stations serve a double purpose here: as well as borrowing a route, you can use all routes around that station to move your engine, even if no one has built them yet. Each resource contract has the name of a resource on it.To pick up a resource, use your whole turn to take that resource to your side of the table. Then bring it back to your home city, and spend a turn dropping it off. Then take the resource card, revealing the next contract. Each resource card is worth 10 points at the end of the game.

You get 2 extra points every time an engine moves through your station (excluding yours).

You may only carry one resource at a time.

One may not build a station on someone's home base.

You can drop off resources anywhere, so you could have one city with a stockpile of resources.

  • Yellow=Gold
  • Transparent Blue=Fish
  • Purple=Oil
  • Orange=Grain
  • Transparent Yellow=Technology
  • Green=Lumber

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