Team Mode is a house rule based off Team Asia. A copy of Map Collection Volume 1 is recommended, but a second base game and any card holders will do.

Rules Edit

Played the same way as Team Asia. If a map can support 5 players, you can play with 4 teams (or 8 players).

On Switzerland and Nordic, each player gets 24 train cars, or 48 per team.

On UK, each player gets 20 train cars, or 40 per team. Technology is shared.

On Maerklin, each player gets 1 passenger. On Europe, each player gets 1 station.

You don't need more terrain cards than your partner to double a route in Africa.

On Nederland, each player gets 15 bridge toll tokens. One may choose to move any number of tokens to the share pile as his turn if he notices his partner's pile is low. Each partner gets his own token bonus at the end of the game, which can lead to interesting last minute strategies.

Stocks are shared as a team in Pennsylvania.

In World and Great Lakes, the team decides together how many pieces they want, then split them up into halves (using even numbers is recommended). Each player gets one harbor.

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