Technologies are complex but game changing rules. They only appear in the United Kingdom.

Rules Edit

At the start of the game, you can only claim 1, 2, or 10 length routes. You may also only build from English cities to English cities or to New York. To undo these limitations, you can buy technology cards with the amount of locomotives listed.

  • To play with technology, you must use the UK train deck, which includes 20 locomotives.
  • You can use 4 random cards as a locomotive when buying tech.
  • The Southampton-New York route does not require technologies, since it is not a ferry, simply a route requiring locomotives. This sadly means that the Steam Turbines technology doesn't affect it.
  • You must not count the scores at the end of the game because of the technologies, please try to make an effort.

Technologies Edit

  • Wales Concession (1) Grants access to the 5 cities in Wales.
  • Scotland Concession (1) Grants access to the 10 cities in Scotland.
  • Ireland and France Concession (1) Grants access to the France and the 10 cities in Ireland.
  • Mechanical Stoker (1) Grants the ability to claim 3 length routes
  • Superheated Steam Boiler (2) Grants the ability to claim 4, 5, and 6 length routes.
  • Propellers (2) Allows you to claim Ferries
  • Steam Turbines (2) Gives 2 extra points for every ferry you claim from here on out.
  • Boiler Lagging (2) Gives 1 extra point for every route you claim.
  • Double Heading (4) Makes completed tickets worth 2 more points each at the end of the game.
  • Right of Way (4) You may use this card to claim a route that an opponent has already taken. You have to use this card the turn you buy it, and must put it back when your turn is over.

Advanced Technologies Edit

These techs can be added to the game once the players have gotten used to the techs. They were not heavily playtested, so please be wary.

  • Thermocompressor (1) The turn you buy this tech, you may claim 2 routes in one turn.
  • Water Tenders (2) When you take 2 cards off the top, you may take another one.
  • Risky Contracts (2) At the end of the game, score 20 points if you have the most tickets. If not, you lose 20 points.
  • Equalizing Beam (2) At the end of the game, score 15 points if you have the longest continuous route. If not, you lose 15.
  • Both Equalizing Beam and Risky Contracts must be bought before the reshuffling of the train cards. After that, they are placed back in the box.\
  • Diesel Power (3) Lets you claim all routes with one less card. A minimum of one is still required (Well, I never thought I would type that anywhere else than the Small World Wiki).

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