Choose a train color that you lads aren't using. Take 7 cars. The gray spaces with a grille on them are not claimable; they're reserved for the trains. Place one on the first grille space of each line. Choose a person to move the trains. Each turn, move the trains up and down the line. At the end of a line, spend one turn "turning around", meaning you leave it there. If trains meet, place them side by side. You may be wondering what this is all for by now, so I'll tell you. When a train is on your route, you may not claim it. You have to wait until it leaves, since you can't build tracks with engines running past, now can you?

Double routes are always open (seriously, there's only, like, 10)

If every route of a line is claimed, remove the train. It's not worth the trouble to keep moving it.


  • Tidmouth-Arlesburgh
  • Knapford-Ffarquhar
  • Tidmouth-Vicarstown
  • Vicarstown-Tidmouth
  • Peel Godred-Killdane
  • Wellsworth-Brendam
  • Crovan's Gate-Loop around Skarloey passing through Rheneas first

Train service is only on Sodor.